The No Make Up Selfie

A phenomenon has gripped social media and comments have ranged from the touching and thoughtful to the downright rude. It's the no make-up selfie for breast cancer awareness.

For me, I wear a smattering of make up for work and rarely bother the rest of the time. It's mainly a going out, Sunday best (but actually hardly ever on Sunday) thing, not a day-to-day thing. A no make up selfie for me would be pretty much just any old selfie. It used to be that I would wear make up for work about one day in five. After cancer, and probably ageing a bit I started to wear make up more often. It has become part of being well and looking well, but probably not really necessary. 

I am moved by the people who have dropped their usual mascara mask to join in and donate to a breast cancer charity on the way. Even better if a few tips about checking your boobs are thrown in. But why on earth are we in this crazy position where it is such a big deal. It saddens me that so many women feel that they need to wear make up to feel as though they are looking even half respectable.

I offer a poem:

Young people you don't know how beautiful you are
Have the confidence to glow
Your youth and vitality are your strength,
There's no need for make up, you know

Old people you don't know how beautiful you are
Have the confidence to shine
Your age and wisdom may mark your skin
But your smiles will still be divine

Middle aged people you don't know how beautiful you are
You may miss the youth you had
But you still have life, you still have love,
These things should make you glad

All women you don't know how beautiful you are
Don't feel pressure to conform
Be yourself, be strong, be true,
Let all natural become your norm


And here is a picture I took after ballet today: