Happiness advent calendar

OK. Normally a blog post takes me a while to craft. Today I'm going to try being super quick because I just wanted to this advent calendar from Action for Happiness and see if anyone fancies joining in wth me.

I don't suppose for a minute that I will follow the suggestion for every day, but even if I do a third of it, and a couple of others join in, we'll have done something good this festive season.

It is hard to feel Christmassy in the gorgeous Wellington sunshine we are having at the moment - in the region of 27C top temperature today. Whereas I have friends in various parts of the UK who are braving the snow. But I don't think it really matters if you feel Christmassy or not, this calendar is probably worth a go any month of the year, whatever the season - and unusually for a advent calendar it goes past the 25th.

I've already done day one, by sharing this with you. Let's see how we go for the days coming up. Already I can see tomorrow will be a challenge as there will be next to no time to make gifts! Sunday may be easier - leaving a happy note. I'm interested to see what form the 18th will take: 'try out the art of positive gossiping!'

So how about it? 

For more info on Action for Happiness see: http://www.actionforhappiness.org 
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