A lot happens in three years

It is three years since I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. If this had not happened life could be very different today. We could be in New Zealand for example.

In the intervening three years I have gone through a myriad of treatments which I have good reason to assume have been successful (although it is not really possible to rid yourself of the tiny, back-of-the-mind doubt that one day it will return, even if that is not for several years). I have also discovered strength, optimism and occasional humour in the face of adversity. After a year of treatment followed a year of fund-raising for Macmillan Cancer Support. It was time to put that new found energy to good use and give something back.

The last year has been calmer (just a small fundraising event and a bit of support for Bowel Cancer UK so far) and this anniversary date not a big deal as ongoing check ups tie in with years since surgery not diagnosis. However, this year the date has a whole new significance and my thoughts are with others and a cancer charity I have had little direct involvement with.

As I was being told I had a malignant tumour, a much happier event was taking place near by as a boy was being born. A beautiful, happy, loving boy. What unimaginable grief for his parents and nearest and dearest as his life came to an end so suddenly towards the end of last year. Then his parents took a generous decision to support the World Child Cancer charity, whose projects include providing life saving medicines to children suffering from curable cancers in countries such as Malawi. Without the specialised medicines and support, these children would not see adulthood, the charity gives them a future.

Today would be Sasha's third birthday and his dad is launching a new phase of his fund-raising efforts: a series of personal challenges and covering 1000km in memory of his beloved son. The whole community is supporting him, he is an inspiration.

Therefore, if you have the means to do so, please support his fantastic effort. You can read more and donate at the justgiving site: