Signing up for a new challenge

Well, I've done it. I've handed over the exam fees for Grade 6 ballet (and hope they don't assume it is a typo where I've stated date of birth!)

When Rosemary - or should I say Miss Rosemary as is the custom for ballet teachers - suggested a few years ago that members of the adult class could take an exam I laughed it off. I'd done with exams I thought. But the idea took hold and having gone through, well, what I've been through, a physical challenge to show I can still put on a decent show at such things, became a more appealing idea.

I am very excited about doing this exam. It will make me work hard in class improving fitness and flexibility. It will encourage me to stick with plans to lose some weight (I might eventually achieve the 5:2 diet instead of my half-hearted, barely 6:1), do wonders for my figure (I can dream, can't I?), and be good mentally having to learn the syllabus and switch off from everything else for a while.

But oh dear me, this whole plan seems completely crazy too. What am I thinking?! Pink ballet tights. A leotard? And there is me self-conscious about my bumpy tum as it is. Not to mention the cellulite.

Also, Pippa is doing her exam (grade 2) on the same day. Now this could seriously end in tears if she thinks I am doing better than her. As it is, I need to make sure that it's all about her and not much at all about me when it comes to extra lessons and making sure we have all the right shoes/socks/tights/hair stuff etc.

Actually, Pippa has a lovely quality to her movement - something I could take inspiration from and should strive to emulate. Hopefully she'll work hard over the next few weeks, get a good mark and enjoy that sense of achievement at the end of it all. I think she'll do well.

For me, I just hope not to embarrass myself too much and ultimately to know I've done as well as I can at something I love for the age I am now. Not comparing myself to my daughter, other students, or to my younger self. Easier said than done!