Festive greetings

I drafted a Christmas letter and then never finished it. A few neighbours received Christmas cards from us, but all our dear friends around the country were neglected for which I can only apologise.

So, I’m working on wishing everyone Happy Christmas by email or facebook – belated in the main – and then focusing on very best wishes for the New Year.

I wanted to write to everyone this year, because I wanted to take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’. I was really grateful for the support that such a huge number of people gave me with my fundraising year for Macmillan Cancer Support.

A quick re-cap for anyone I’ve failed to keep in touch with during this time (sorry), I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in June 2010 and so began all the treatment that could be thrown at me for a year.  By the end of chemo (July 2011) I was feeling healthy again. With a rush of energy and enthusiasm for life, it was a case of ‘Yippee! Now I’m going to do something positive’, and so started my year of fundraising for Macmillan.

I tried to thank people along the way, but in case I missed anyone, and anyway, why not say it again: thank you to everyone who has supported me by sponsoring me and/or helping with any of the fundraising events. The highlights this year were a 40km cycle (with Cycletta who organise women only cycle events round the country) and Stony Stratford’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – part of Macmillan’s annual event but with our own local twist.

For the year of events running September ’11 to September ’12, I raised £3,500 for Macmillan. THANK YOU for your help in making that possible.

Also on a positive note, November brought the good news that my annual CT scan was clear for second year so I seem to be living cancer-free. Long may it continue.

Right, now onto other news. The year saw Bruce returning to work at the Open University. We’ve loved having him home again from his weekly commute to a miserable job in Wales (oh yes, 2012 really has been so good compared to the previous couple of years!). As well as enjoying his return to work, he has continued with his other interests, such as astronomy and tending to the allotment (and I still have the satisfaction of cooking allotment produce).

The girls are growing up of course although four and seven may not sound that old. This September Pippa started a new school (moving up to junior school) and Susannah started Reception so we’ve had a term of new routines and they’ve both settled well. The end of term saw the usual festive fun, with Susannah an angel in her Nativity play and Pippa playing Silent Night with the school orchestra. She plays cello, and what they lack in accuracy, they make up for by adopting a pose of studied concentration and their enthusiasm.

All three of us go to ballet although not at the same time. I love it, Pippa’s pretty keen, but Susannah (who may turn out to have the most natural ability) blows hot and cold. Well, she’s still young so who knows how it will turn out.

I have many New Year’s resolutions. I guess being a better correspondent should be one of them although I fear that it may be one of the less realistic. But, I do hope that warm wishes cross the ether and we may be in touch in 2013. Have a fantastic remainder of 2012 and may 2013 bring you much happiness and joy. Lots of love. x