Training in the sunshine

Yesterday was glorious. Don't forget those rays of sunshine did actually break through the clouds, warm the air and banish the rain. Even if it was for just one day.

Lucky me, I got out on the bike: training for Cycletta again. This time for my ride, equipment I needed but didn't have included sunglasses (I picture some cool, dark, sporty shades - to stop bugs getting in the eyes as much as shielding from UV) and waders.

Rivers had burst their banks and fields were flooded. It quickly became apparent that I couldn't do the route I was going to do, and so instead of a minor detour finding other redways in MK, I decided to change tack completely and head for the roads of South Northants.

I'm really glad I did. I'm sure it was much better training. There were longer stretches of uphill, as I headed to the church in Hanslope - a landmark visible from miles around - and I really enjoyed getting into the countryside. On the way back I joined the national cycle route 6. Of course, as it went from road to track by a field, I should have heeded the sign saying route liable to flood, but I thought I'd just follow it anyway and see for myself. I can reliably inform you that the sign was indeed there for a reason. After a few large puddles there was a bigger expanse of water which looked deeper so I got off to see if I could walk round the edge. Sodden feet and nettle stings later I decided no, it was not for circumnavigating. It was another occasion for turning round and going back the way I came.

Still, all this to-ing and fro-ing took the distance up a little. Not quite reaching the 40km required in less than a fortnight, but a more strenuous ride than the last and slightly longer at 34.6km. Not bad even if I do say so myself.

Oh, and one last thing. Thank you drivers of Milton Keynes and South Northamptonshire - you showed me courtesy and consideration on the roads yesterday. I was grateful to be given a wide berth and space to cross traffic at roundabouts.

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