Biking it not running it

As the hoards pounded the streets of London in one of the biggest sports events of the calendar, I was in preparation to do my own marathon distance - only I chose wheels as my means of getting from A to B.

On the 13 May, I'll be cycling 40km (actually just under marathon length approximating to 25 miles) around Woburn Abbey in the women only Cycletta event. No great surprise that I'm raising sponsorship for Macmillan Cancer Support, which happens to be the main charity partner for Cycletta, and I am doing it as part of my year of fundraising for this cause.

I've been getting out on the bike most weekends and today was no exception. Last weekend and this I've been upping the distance and today B's iPhone informed me I covered 33.4km in a little over two hours. The longest cycle since I was in my early 20s. It makes me wistful to think how long ago that was!

Anyway, pretty good don't you think? I was pleased. Only 7km more and I've done the distance!

Today's cycle took in Milton Keynes Millennium Cycle route. One of the good things about Milton Keynes (yes, there are some good things you cynics out there), is the network of cycle paths and the amount of green space. OK, that's two things. The Millennium Cycle is almost all off road, and even the bits on the road are pretty quiet. It takes you around lakes, through parkland and beside the canal; past some lovely old houses as well as skirting the inevitable rather less attractive estates. There is plenty of wildlife if you're keeping your eyes open (which you need to do of course - not least because of all the dog walking that goes on!).  Last week on the same route I was fairly sure I saw an Egret (white, heron-like bird). Can anyone confirm if these are found in this neck of the woods?

Today I was also incredibly lucky to avoid the rain. The heavens opened two minutes after getting home.

We had rhubarb crumble for pudding. A good day all round then.

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This was a publicity shot taken the other day. Pippa thinks it's very silly because I'm wearing lipstick and clearly I shouldn't be wearing make up for a bike ride!