World Book Day

OK. First post to this blog and may as well start with whatever comes to mind. Today we have experienced excellent recycling of costume from last year's ballet show.

It is World Book Day and there was a buzz of excitement dropping off at school this morning. Teachers were witches surrounded by princesses, Buzz Light Years, fairies, Harry Potters and other book characters (and film and cartoon characters which no doubt appear in spin off books).

I was rather proud of elder daughter P. A couple of years ago it would have been a Disney princess. Easy (there's a drawer full of such outfits), but lacking in imagination. Now she is a more sophisticated Year 2 and she decided she'd like to go as a dog. She loves dogs and the current book that fits the bill is 'Jake in Danger' which I believe Santa may have brought her this Christmas.

In the ballet show, for her tap dance, she was a cat with white leotard, tail and ears. The cost of getting a kid through a ballet show can be substantial - new tights (two pairs because two dances), leotard, tutu, tiara and other bits and bobs all paid for by parents. But, this is where you can see it as an investment. One white leotard and cat tail refashioned around a piece of white fur (2.99 from Oxfam) cut into a tunic and floppy ears, eyeliner on the nose and lo and behold, you have a dog outfit.

The nursery class joined in the fun too. S was the more traditional princess. Well, to begin with she was, but then 'I need wings, Mummy'. So she went from Cinderella to fairy Godmother in the blink of an eye. Her book was that Osborne classic 'That's not my fairy...'

Now. I just wonder if I can get that brown eyeliner off P's nose in time for this afternoon's Grade 1 lesson.

The original cool cat costume - P is on the right