A musical night out

Waves crashing over rugged cliffs, flaming yellow gorse, purple heather adding to the beauty of the mountains. Ah, Wales!

Now imagine a soundtrack to go with it. A cymbal roll crescendo with fiddle and accordion. The bass kicks in and from soaring over the landscape, you are transported into a wild jig. It's a seated gig, but your feet have to tap, your hands have to clap.

YES! We had a night out and enjoyed the celtic sounds of Jamie Smith's Mabon, playing the Stables in Wavendon. An accomplished group of musicians - worth seeing whatever your musical tastes.

It is a rare treat to get out to listen to original, live music. And what a treat it was. Jamie Smith is a seriously talented accordion player. Such agility over the keys and what a sound. Fiddle player Oli also shone. The whole band were great and we knew we'd love the enthusiasm of our friend Iolo Whelan on drums.

Music is good for the soul. And (especially when you have small kids) so are nights out with your spouse! Roll on next time.