Double party weekend - again

It is all go for younger daughter S. It's a double party weekend, hot on the heels of a double party weekend last week. And once again I had the pleasure of a Saturday morning in Tumblers (soft play venue) in Buckingham, while B took P to her extra ballet lesson.

We are most definitely in that phase where the kids (especially the 3-year-old) have a better social life than the parents and our role is simply as unpaid taxi service.

I'm actually happy that S has been invited to so many parties this month as it is a reflection of the friendships she is developing at nursery. It is hard for P though who forgets that she is usually the one with the invitations and S who is left behind. I am getting very tired of hearing "I wish I could be going... It's not fair S gets all the sweets and cake..." She doesn't yet know that S came back from today's party with a whole Cadbury's buttons easter egg!

But we've reached the end of the day intact and appropriately enough they are playing ballet class together, taking it in turns to be teacher. Sounds idyllic doesn't it? Don't be fooled. It could quickly descend into a "She did this, she did that.... MUUUUUUMMMMM!"

Oh dear. And now we're having an argument about it being bath time. Better go and lend B some moral support....