The Dancer

Pippa has been dancing around to music at home since she could walk, the steps and movements going into each dance being a reflection of her current level of training mixed with her best attempts to copy moves seen on videos and TV. Early influences being Teletubbies "tap shoes", Riverdance and a compilation of Grand pas de Deux! (All on VHS - remember those days?)

What was once messing around to music has now developed into a growing interest in choreography. Some of the competitions have a self-choreographed category which has given her the focus to keep working on a dance - practising it and refining it.

Here is her first public self-choreographed piece - performed in the ABTC competition in Lower Hutt, April 2017 to Sia's "The Greatest".

This was such an exciting competition for Pippa. She came first in her category and had some fantastic comments from the adjudicator who really seemed to love it. 

It is not all plain sailing however. She was disappointed when the second outing of this dance in a comp wasn't as successful. She was outside of the top three and the judge's comments were less effusive. On the other hand she was against a slightly older, more experienced group of girls and the judge was still complimentary whilst giving her constructive criticism on where to improve some technique. This is all a valuable part of the journey.

Since then she has choreographed a duo, and is now working on a new solo piece. The duo has been entered for a competition (entry by film this time), so we'll probably share that after the shortlist has been announced. Watch this space!